Episode 056: Playtime!!


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  • Angela fell down the pattern rabbit hole.  Lots of cool patterns on sale, won’t share quite yet since some will be picks of the week.
  • Angela - stitch markers/progress keepers from SugarTots on Etsy.  Great selection, fun animals, good prices.


  • When the “cats” are away, the “mice” will play…. September 14-16 Kelly is away, so watch for special flash sales when Angela and Jen man the ship!
  • Rhinebeck (October 21, 2017) - The bus is reserved!  Tickets available here!


  • Rhinebeck KAL/CAL - AKA the Rhinebeck Sweater - but who are we kidding, this is the chance to show off your knits, so this can be more than sweaters!  We are still working on the details, but here’s the general idea: The rule for this K/CAL is that you must use a pattern that incorporates cables.  KAL/CAL will start August 1, 2017 and runs until October 22, 2017.  WIPs are allowed.  If you use yarn purchased from the store you will receive extra entries for your finished object(s).  Extra entry points for posting pictures of yourself in your knit over the Rhinebeck weekend (October 21-22).  #mlyrhinebeckalong

Pattern Giveaway!

Flat Iron Cowl by Larisa Demos

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