Episode 193 Gnome in a Tree


Where to find us:


What’s New:

  • Knit Group is back IN-PERSON!
    • Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm (virtual group still being hosted)
    • Sunday from 1pm-3pm (virtual group still being hosted)  
  • New Yarns in stock: Teenie Weenie Wool! Check it all out at Must Love Yarn

What We Are Wearing:


WIPs :

  • Pinions by Sharon From Security/Casapinka (Angela)
  • Campsider by Alicia Plummer (Angela)
  • Pinions by Sharon From Security/Casapinka (Jen)


Casting On:

  • Magnolia sweater by Camilla Vad (Jen) - swatch complete!

Upcoming Events and Exciting Things:

  • New Class schedule coming soon (for Jan - Apr)!


  • Warmth with Yarn - coming this fall again
  • Sweaterapolooza - PRIZE Drawn for this KAL
  • Shiftalong
    • Starts January 1, 2022 
    • Runs through March 31, 2022
    • Come make any of the Shift Patterns with us.  Jen and Angela are planning on making the Shifty by Andrea Mowry 
December 23, 2021 by Angela Zaikowski
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