Podcast Episode 186: Try, Try Again

Where to find us:

  • Kelly



What’s New:

  • Knit Group is back IN-PERSON!
    • Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm (virtual group still being hosted)
    • Sunday from 1pm-3pm (virtual group still being hosted)  

What We Are Wearing:


  • Spark by Andre Mowry (Angela)
  • Elton by Joji Locateli (Angela)
  • Indigo Dye Class results (Kelly)
  • Spunky Eclectic Spinning (Kelly)
  • Woven Scarf (Kelly)
  • Golden Hour Cover-up by Jennifer Arbuckle (Jen)

WIPs :

Pattern Releases:

Upcoming Events and Exciting Things:

  • Seasons of Vermont - August Box “Golden Hour” 
    • Releasing August 13, 2021 at noon ET
    • Sneak peek at the yarn and basket for this box
  • Classes are posted


  • Warmth with Wool - coming this fall again
  • Sweaterapolooza - starts now - runs through October 31, 2021
    • WIPS allowed
    • Come knit a sweater with us, for wearing at a fall festival or just around town.  Sweater weather is coming and this K/CAL will get you ready.

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