Episode 135: Shifty Central

Thursday June 28, 2019



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  • Kelly




Berroco Medina $13.99 and Nako Calico Jakar $8.00 and Nako Calico $7.50

If you purchase in stock weekly pick yarns from Must Love Yarn, receive 10% off with the Coupon Code we mention in the podcast! Watch Episode 73 for a quick tutorial on where to enter the coupon code at checkout if you have any questions!  Be sure the discount is showing in your cart before submitting your order, we can no longer offer refunds for discounts that are not applied correctly. If you have questions please send us a message before submitting your order!




WIPs :


Upcoming Projects:



  • Gage’s Digits (for those who were asking)- if there is one you need that was not included, please let us know:
    • Head = 19 cm
    • Waist = 17 cm
    • Neck-to-tail = 12 cm
    • Waist-to-tail = 6 cm
    • Arm = 4 cm long
    • Leg = 5 cm long
    • Tail = 8 cm long


  • July 12th, 2019 5:30pm - We will be hosting a Great Northern Yarn Haul kickoff party with a fabulous talk by Eve Jacobs Carnahan, a Vermont based artist.  Art Knitting: Creative Beginnings and Contemporary Directions
  • July 27th, 2019 6:05pm - Join us for Stitch & Pitch with the Vermont Lake Monsters at Centennial Field in Burlington Vermont.  Details and tickets can be found here!


  • Black Berry Shawl Along! - Starts May 15, 2019 and ends July 11, 2019.  WIPS are allowed. Come knit this fun mohair and fingering weight shawl with us!


  • Butterfly KAL - Starts June 13, 2019 and runs through September 5, 2019.  In conjunction with the Butterfly/Papillon Class at Must Love Yarn, we are hosting a KAL.


Upcoming KALs:

  • Shiftalong KAL - starting soon!  Any of the Shift patterns will qualify (along with WIPS).  For a preview, here are the patterns:

Coupon Code:

Basketwave by Katrina Workman

If any viewers are interested in purchasing a copy, the coupon code, KC20 will give them 20% off.

Store Info:

In light of the recent and ongoing discussions about Ravelry’s new policy, we have posted our store Conduct Policy on our website which you can review here

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