Episode 015: #MLYRHINEBECK2016

September 16, 2016
Show Notes
Where to find us:
As Must Love Yarn
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Instagram            Ravelry
Instagram            Ravelry
Things we talk about:   
Finished Objects
     Angela:  BA Cool Hat
Works in Progress: 
     Angela: Basic Sock
                   Smooth Operator Socks
     Kelly:     Asana
                    3PIPs MKAL
                    Long Scarf with Loopy Fringe
Works in Timeout:
                Angela: Welcome to the Flock
Upcoming Projects:
                Angela:    Advent Projects
                                 Life of a Blueberry
                                 Breathing Space
                Kelly:       Quill
We love feedback and we love hearing from you!  You can email us or contact us on Ravelry if you have questions, comments or the like!
Thanks so much for watching, I think I’ve remembered everything, but if not, feel free to message us with questions!
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