Double Knitting Classes

Alasdair Post-Quinn of Fallingblox Designs is coming to Must Love Yarn!

We will be offering workshops on Double Knitting, a technique that Alasdair has taken to new extremes!

We will have two Level 1 Sessions, which is an intro to Double Knitting, and we will also offer two different Level 2 Workshops (Multi-Color Double Knitting and Two Pattern Double Knitting) to push your double knitting skills even further!

Join us March 19th & 20th for these excellent workshops.

You can register online or in store for any of the workshops! We also have Alasdair's book "Extreme Double-Knitting" at the store, pick up your copy today and get it signed in March!

February 10, 2016 by Angela Zaikowski
Tags: classes
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