Nomadic Knits Magazine

$ 22.00

Nomadic Knits by Becky Beagell & Melissa Kemmerer - a boutique magazine featuring beautifully designed knitwear, local fiber producers, dyers, and shops. Each issue will focus on a different region of the world and highlight the things that make that region so special.

Becky and Melissa met and became great friends through their love of yarn and knitting. They continuously enable each other to buy ALL the yarn and knit ALL the things.
Becky recently sold her house, her yarn shop, and most of her belongings, and is pursuing her dream of traveling the country in a van with her poodle, Bubba. Follow her travels on Instagram @thecuriousadventures.
Melissa is the designer behind Melissa Kemmerer Designs, and she travels between upstate NY and southern Florida, knitting wherever she happens to be. Follow her on Instagram @melissakdesigns.
These two are determined to stay connected through their love of knitting and all things fiber, and you can follow their pursuit of local makers and fiber artists here and their Instagram @nomadicknits. Melissa and Becky believe that local is where you are right now, and wherever you find your people; it is not just a place, but a sense of community and belonging.