Class - Hooked on Happiness: Intro to Crochet

$ 50.00


April 9th, 10:30am-12:30pm

Intro to Crochet

Have you ever wanted to try crochet but didn't really know where to get started? Maybe you started a scarf, but rather than staying nice and straight it started looking rather like a triangle?  Maybe you just want the basics so that when you get to the end of your knitting project and the directions say to crochet around the edge you won't go running in terror, instead you'll confidently tackle crochet like a master!  If any of the above sound like something you have faced in your yarn adventures, this class is for you!

We'll be teaching the basic stitches, chain, slip stitch, single, double, half-double and treble crochet, as well as talking about some of the basic guidelines of crochet (which will help to keep your crochet projects nice and square, rather than turning into a rhombus - unless of course that is what you are going for!) 


  • Please bring a crochet hook, a size G, H or I will work great
  • Also bring some worsted weight yarn for practicing your crochet (light colored smooth yarn will work best)! 

Cancellations can be made for a complete refund 10 days before the date of the class.

We are currently requiring masks and proof of vaccination for all class participants.  When you arrive for your class, please check in at the register with your vaccine card.  Thank you for helping keep us all safe!

Minimum Number of Students: 2
Maximum Number of Students: 8