What better way to celebrate the first day of Spring than by watching frolicking lambs at play!  We are delighted to team up with Katie Sullivan of Bobolink Yarns and Cloverworks Farm to bring you this fun informative talk, live from the lamb barn!  At Cloverworks Farm, Katie raises Bluefaced Leicester and Border Leicester sheep, and she'll be in the thick of lambing season when she comes to us live from the lamb barn!  We'll talk all things lamb and sheep, and we'll talk about Katie's other venture, Bobolink Yarns.  Bobolink Yarns began when Katie realized that there was a lot of great wool that wasn't reaching it's full potential at many farms around Vermont.  The price paid for wool is cents on the dollar for the larger wool pools and often times it is easier for farmers to compost their wool than try to sell it at a wool pool or market it themselves.  This is where Katie stepped in and began snapping up lovely wool and paying farmers fairly for their wool.  Katie then works with local mills to turn the Vermont farm's wools into yarns that she then dyes in fun colors and markets to local yarn shops and sells on her website.

We were on board to sell Bobolink Yarns when Katie approached us about it and loved her mission and dedication.  We love to promote local yarns, farms and products so it was a natural fit for Must Love Yarn. 

We hope that you will join us on Saturday, March 20th at 1pm.  Click here to sign up for the Facebook Live event so that you will receive a reminder before the event begins!

We will be offering a discount of 15% off of all Bobolink Yarns March 19-21, no code needed, shop in store or online!