Knitter's Pride Magnetic Necklace Kit

$ 30.00

Coming Fall 2018!!

Necklace Pendant made using popular Knitter's Pride Colored Wood (with embedded magnets) and leather cord.  Keep your metal stitch markers and tools close at hand with this great wearable tool.

  • Elegance combined with Innovation!
  • Innovative design – First of its kind in the world! Jewellery for Knitters!
  • No more losing cord needles & stitch markers – find these on your pendant
  • Cable needles & stitch markers with magnet adhesion properties
  • Additional cable needles and stitch markers for the Knitter’s Necklace can be purchased separately
  • Contents:
    • Magnetic Knitter’s Necklace
    • 20 Stitch Markers (5 each of 4 types)
    • Fabric pouch
    • 3 Cable Needles
      • Center Scoop - 2.50mm
      • “J” Hook - 3.00mm
      • Double Pointed - 3.50mm

WARNING: Magnets can have dangerous effect on medical devices and/or implants such as pacemakers. So always keep the Magnetic Knitters Necklace away from such implants or other magnet sensitive devices